Floor F*ckery


with Chris Gismondi


Saturday, July 20th

12 pm - 1:15 pm

$39 + HST

I bet this workshop title grabbed your attention!

In this exotic floorwork and basework workshop, Chris will bring sunny Florida flare and frosty Montreal isolations à la Sarah Jade and Sonja Sloan back home to PoleFit Nation.

In Floor F*ckery, we will learn basics like free walking and balance, as well as floorwork tricks, flow transitions, choreography, and fostering your own sensual freestyle movement.

Chris Gismondi is the 2015 Canadian Pole Fitness Men's Champion, personal assistant to Carmine Black, and has graced exotic stages like “Bad to the Chrome 2018”.

All levels and experiences are welcome!

Heels and kneepads are very encouraged.