How To Train When You Don't Feel Like Training!

It's a beautiful Sunday during the heart of summer. Sun is shining. Incredibly hot outside. All I want to do is go to the beach or poolside, lie out and read a book. Instead, I am in the studio, working on my pole moves and body conditioning because I have a goal that I want to achieve. 

Many of us have goals in mind - to achieve a specific pole move, gain more flexibility, become stronger or simply become better at pole. The key to reaching these goals.. is to train. And to train, you need to have motivation. 

Here are my top 5 strategies on how to train when you don't want to train!

1. "I'll train for just 5 minutes" 

This is my trick to get started. Getting started can be the biggest hurdle, so I will trick my brain into action. "Just 5 mins" will soon grow into 10 mins and so on. As soon as your body starts moving, you start feeling better and it will compound. I tell myself - "put on your pole clothes and just do 5 mins." and next thing I realize 30 mins has passed and I've been working.

2. Have a pole buddy! 

Oh, the power of accountability! Training by yourself can be tough, but if you have a pole buddy and set up train dates - the magic begins! Don't have a pole buddy close to you - not a problem! With technology, you can Skype or FaceTime your pole buddy and never leave your pole room! This is a growing trend in the pole community - having a pole buddy who is in a different country, and sharing videos to inspire each other.

3. You don't have to knock it out of the park every time!

Every training session does not have to be like a scene from Rocky.  There will be times you nail it and feel like a champion.. and there will be times when you struggle.  Know that those struggle moments lead up to champion days. You have to suck, in order to get better! Think of it like this - if you never struggled with pole, you wouldn't be able to support others and celebrate when you nail a move.  Effective instructors are those who have struggled with pole and then nailed it! 

4. Track your training

This concept was given to me by my good friend Shanyn. She showed me how she tracks her workout sessions on the calendar of her phone. Every time she trains, she documents what she worked on and soon her calendar is full of completed workout sessions.  No matter how hard or well she trains, she still tracks it.

5. Celebrate each training session

Pat yourself on the back! It would be easier to sit around and daydream about being amazing on the pole (I'm Felix Cane in my brain!) However, you have to start in order to be great! Those pole moves won't be achieved if you stay in your head.. you have to put time on the pole, build up strength, improve flexibility. So no matter what, do something in order that will move you closer towards your goal.  And then reward yourself for being active!

Happy poling to you!