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Results from this weekend's Canadian Pole Fitness Associations: Toronto Pro Supershow - Pole Competition


It was a BIG weekend for PoleFit Nation at Canadian Pole Fitness Association - Toronto Pro Pole Supershow Competition.

Here are the results:

Christine and Elena were outstanding on the stage.
Elena's performance was strong and powerful. She has grown so much as a pole performer - this was her first ever pole performance! 
Christine placed third in the Entry division - performed a clean, solid and confident performance.  Well done!

I won my Division.. had so much fun on stage and happy to retire from Pole Competition (I've been competing since 2013) on a high. Very grateful for all our students and PFN Instructors support. 

Here's a link to the performance : https://www.facebook.com/PoleFitNation/videos/1041260982693991/ 

Yomna displayed wonderful performance skills and competed in a division of over 30 competitors! Talk about grace under pressure! 

She received Best Flow Award (her choreography was outstanding) - she stood out from all the competitors!

Thank you for all the students and instructors who joined us this weekend - to come and cheer us on!

What a community of fantastic people!

Very proud of this weekend!

And now.. I rest and countdown to playing on the poles with  you!



Are you surviving or thriving?

Are you surviving or thriving?

This is an image of myself and my children (Matthew in orange, Brendan in yellow) back in 2006. 

Whenever I see this pic, first I think to myself "damn those boys were cute!" 

And then I think "you were so unhappy." 


How To Invert

How To Invert

The first big milestone move in pole.. aww going upside down!

Who Will You Meet In A Pole Dancing Class?

Who Will You Meet In A Pole Dancing Class?

Curious to know about the people who take pole dancing for fitness? Read on!

To My Fellow Lovers Of Pole

To my fellow lovers of pole dance.. pole fitness.. pole.. you know what I mean.

Boldly be you. 
No matter what. 
Be you!

There will always be someone standing there with judgement.
It's an inevitability.

You can not please everyone.

And trust me.. you wouldn't be true to yourself, if you were trying to make a person or a group understand or accept.

Dance happy.
Dance proud.

What Are Your Pole Goals For 2016?

What Are Your Pole Goals For 2016?

Every January, we tend to go into resolution mode - it's a great time to evaluate our lives, create goals and plans. Being a pole dancer and instructor, I'm always looking to improve my pole skills as well as support my students' pole practice. 

Here are my goals for 2016...

PFN Scope - Pole Fitness or Pole Dancing - What's the difference?

PFN Scope - Pole Fitness or Pole Dancing - What's the difference?

This summer, we have fallen in love with Periscope! This platform is live broadcasting - allows folks to connect  and interact with like minded people - I found so many people who have poles in their homes! Love it! 

Today, we talked about the difference between Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing!