Pole Competition

Results from this weekend's Canadian Pole Fitness Associations: Toronto Pro Supershow - Pole Competition


It was a BIG weekend for PoleFit Nation at Canadian Pole Fitness Association - Toronto Pro Pole Supershow Competition.

Here are the results:

Christine and Elena were outstanding on the stage.
Elena's performance was strong and powerful. She has grown so much as a pole performer - this was her first ever pole performance! 
Christine placed third in the Entry division - performed a clean, solid and confident performance.  Well done!

I won my Division.. had so much fun on stage and happy to retire from Pole Competition (I've been competing since 2013) on a high. Very grateful for all our students and PFN Instructors support. 

Here's a link to the performance : https://www.facebook.com/PoleFitNation/videos/1041260982693991/ 

Yomna displayed wonderful performance skills and competed in a division of over 30 competitors! Talk about grace under pressure! 

She received Best Flow Award (her choreography was outstanding) - she stood out from all the competitors!

Thank you for all the students and instructors who joined us this weekend - to come and cheer us on!

What a community of fantastic people!

Very proud of this weekend!

And now.. I rest and countdown to playing on the poles with  you!



Ontario Pole Fitness Championship 2015 - Master Division - First Place!!

Ontario Pole Fitness Championship 2015 - Master Division - First Place!!

Ever have a goal that you wanted to achieve? If you are like me, goals are important and will set you on the path towards success!

One of my goals was to compete in the Ontario Pole Fitness Championships, specifically in the Masters Division. You see, I believe that pole dancing is for any age and being in my 40s, I felt it was important to represent the over 40 crew!

To Compete Or Not Compete? That Is The Question!

To Compete Or Not Compete? That Is The Question!

The smell of Traumeel cream  follows me where ever I go. Its scent is permanently in the air. 

My body aches - hot epsom salt baths are my heaven. Bruises - aka Pole Kisses - cover my legs and right bicep, which perplexes me because I didn't think that forearm grip was intense enough to leave a mark!