Meet Shelley - Our Sassy Instructor! (she kicks butt!)

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Why did you start pole dancing for fitness? 

I started pole dancing because someone had brought me an article from the Burlington Post and said I should give it a read. That was shortly after my 40th birthday and I just recently turned 49

A Day In The Life...

I work full time during the day, I have a 16 year old son and a 21 year old son and 4 cats - I am told I am 1 cat shy of a crazy cat lady. All my furbabies have been rescued ...from my backyard. Apparently I have the perfect conditions for a feline maternity ward! 

Preferred song to dance/work out to

I prefer a rock base to my sons. It reminds me to stay young and have fun! My favorite group right now is "Halestorm".

Why I love teaching..

I absolutely love to teach! If I can share just one thing with someone that helps them achieve that elusive move and have their face light up with excitement and achievement, my day is complete!

I can't live without...

My family, friends, stilettos