Instructor Profile - Learn more about Cat!


1. Why did you start pole dancing for fitness? or Why did you start get active with fitness? 

"I've never been one for traditional fitness. Not that there's anything wrong with that choice. I find activities hold my interest longer then the gym. I always joked with my friends who are big gym goers that I'll go to the gym if there's like "stripper-cise" class so when a Pole Dancing studio opened up in my neighbourhood I had to at least take an intro class so I wouldn't be a hypocrite. That decision changed my life. I became hooked instantly and have been dancing for 8 years now in total and been teaching for almost 6 years now."


2. A Day In The Life...

"I wake up, make breakfast and be awesome! Being a freelance graphic designer  my days vary but no matter where I'm working from I can be found face first in a laptop with two external hard drives near me and my Calm Blue Ocean playlist either coming out of my earbuds or speakers (and on the odd occasion a Grande No Whip Hot Chocolate from Starbucks can be found beside me as well)."

Preferred song to dance/work out to

"I'm all over the place with my music so it's so hard to pick one song. For working out I will work to anything that keeps me moving, I do find Eminem, Jay-Z & Kanye perfect for working my abs though. As for pole, personally I love to dance to love songs. I love to spin and transition and love songs work well for how I like to dance with the pole. My favourite routine (so far) and I still love this song and dancing to is Prosthetic Love by Typhoon."

I love teaching because...

"I can show my students that fitness doesn't have to boring, that you don't have to look one way or excel at everything. That you find what you love to do and perfect it. I love encouraging my students not to take things so seriously and that no matter have fun and not to stress out if you don't get things right away."