"Let's Get You On The Pole"


Hi there!

I know what you are probably thinking "A pic of Jane in regular clothing and she is NOT on a pole!" 

Last night, I attended a fancy soiree in Toronto and I wore my favourite dress.. it had pockets!
Whenever I go to networking events, the typical question I receive is "what do you do for a living?".

It's a question I love to be asked.. and love to see the response!

"For the past 10 years, I have helped over 10,000 people become strong, sexy and confident through pole dancing." 

And the look I receive brings me joy - "Did you say pole dancing?"

And in the conversation, I share my story of being an Early Childhood Educator who felt bored and uninspired with life. Who started taking this fitness class involving poles, ended up re-energizing her life and spirit. 

I also share stories of the students who have done the same.
Discovered muscles that had never been in their arms before.
Went upside down for the first time.
Started to become more active and fulfilled in life. 
Rediscovered their sexy side!

And then I always say "I would love to get you on the pole!"

The conversations bring me joy (and yes, a little giggle as well!)

Life is too short to be serious and left feeling bored, tired and uninspired!

Thank you for reading - I enjoy sharing the studio's journey with you!