When your performance doesn’t go according to plan ~

When your performance doesn’t go according to plan ~


Happy Sunday to you! 

Last night, I had the honour of performing with A Lyrical Affair at Burlington Performing Arts Centre.  This cabaret show was a mix of singing, dance and celebrating their 10 years of this singing duo. I had a blast and loved it!

Back in Fall of 2018, I started training for this event. Two performances were commissioned - "I Put A Spell On Your" by Annie Lennox and "Perfect Symphony" by Ed Sheehan and Andrea Bocelli. A static performance and a spinning pole performance. 

During dress rehearsal, I discovered that my spinning pole was not "spinning" properly.The day before,  in the studio, it worked fine. But within a 24 hr period, something was wrong with the spinner.

Despite my efforts, I couldn't fix the spinner.. and the show must go on!

I ended up reworking the choreography. 

When I performed the "new" choreography, everything went well and I was happy with the performance.  The audience loved it!

Being able to rework your choreography, on the fly, happens because of training and rehearsing.

In training, we create new sequences and perfecting them. Adding more sequences to our "pole move" toolbox. Memorizing them so they feel like second nature.

How can this experience work for you?


In class, you hear the instructor say "do it again."

This is how we memorize the sequence of movement.

Sometimes students tell us "yes, I already did it." And we respond with.. "good, do it again."

We want these moves to become second nature to you - that way you don't have to "think" your way through them, they become automatic.

So.. next time in class, be ready to "do it again"!

See you in the studio,