How To Feel Confident In High Heels


When I teach High Heels Nation dance class, these are the shoes
I like to wear.

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I am gearing up for the upcoming High Heels Nation program - it begins next week and I can not wait!

One of the questions I am asked is "how do I feel confident in heels?".

Being confident in wearing heels, actually comes down to feel comfortable with the shoe.

Let's be honest.. there are some heels that are more "sitting down" shoes!  They look fabulous and they are murder on our feet!

In order to feel confident (aka comfortable) in high heels, start with a shoe that feels good on your feet.
A shoe can be "stretched" to add more space for your toes (a shoe repairer will do this for you.. beside the studio, Heels n Hems are excellent at stretching shoes).

Also, Shoppers Drug Mart sells heel cushions by Dr Scholls - I use them all the time!

Lastly, to feel confident in your heels is to wear them - walk in them and strut it out! 

Do some poses!

Strut around!

The more you wear them, the better you will feel!

Hope this helps you!



Countdown to High Heels Nation!!

I can’t wait!

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