When you feel like a badass..

When you feel like a badass..


Meet Karol Helms..

She is one of my pole heroes - one of the people who I look up to in this industry.
She is a legend.
And... most likely you have learned a move or two indirectly from her.
Karol has been pole dancing for 16 years, and she has made major contributions to our industry - especially our studio.

And - she is a total badass!

For example,  take a look at her heels: 



What I love about pole dancing and what we are doing at PoleFit Nation is that we are creating a place to feel like a total badass. 
Let's be honest.. life can get boring, predictable - the same thing.
At the studio, we are challenging ourselves to be stronger and simply be different with our fitness.

Thank you for helping to create an environment of badassery! 

Lastly, take a moment and check out one of Karol's performance videos - you will see why I will drop everything and jump into her workshop any time!

See you in the studio!