Do you view yourself as an Athlete?


Yes. You are an athlete.

When I was in my late 20s, I lived a sedentary life. My day to day consisted of work, returning home to collapse on the couch and vegging out until bedtime.

Rise repeat until the weekend. 

If you were to ask me then "are you an athlete?" I would have laughed and said "My athletic days are gone."

I associated athleticism with youth. Meaning teen years. And even then, I wasn't athletic.

Fast forward to my 40's, if you were to ask me "Are you an athlete?" I would respond with a "Hell yeah!"

Recently, I was chatting with lady who was in her late 50's, getting ready for her first marathon. We were discussing how we became athletes later in our lives.. never started out to be one. 

If you are training - working out on a consistent basis, eating healthy and have fitness goals in mind then, my friend, you are an athlete.  

It doesn't have to be for a great race or, in my case, a competition - training so that you are at your optimal best to experience life.. then may I plant the seed so you can see yourself as an athlete.

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio!