These two pole videos shaped my pole career...

Back In 2007…

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Hope you are doing well and enjoyed the weekend (sidebar.. I chilled out and watched Outlaw King and House Of Cards)

Yesterday in the studio, I was telling one of students, Jennifer, about the videos that I watched endlessly as a student.

Back in 2007, I had just started out as a student - it was the beginning of my pole career. You know how instagram is the place to be for pole moves? When I was a student, it was YouTube. (gawd, I sound old!)

YouTube was fairly new (again.. I sound old) and we were all exploring this new medium. Pole dancers started to post their videos.  It was a cool time for pole - it was an underground sport and in the beginning of becoming a fitness craze.

I always say - social media is the reason why pole is popular today. 

I was a mom of two young boys, one night a week I attended a pole class.

In between pole classes, I would turn to youtube for inspiration and dream of becoming a strong pole performer. I could invert and climb to a sit. I was hooked!

I would watch these two videos - over and over again - dissecting the moves. In all honesty, the sequence of moves are simple compared to the pole moves now.

These videos shaped my pole journey.

The first is Jamilla Deville. You can find her on instagram under  @jamilla  and the second is Felix Cane (IG: TheRealFelixCane)  

I hope you enjoy them too!