Our Hallowe'en Event Was Off The Charts!


This image says it all!

As I type this out, my heart is full! 

On Saturday, we had an outstanding turnout for our crazy, off the charts Hallowe'en event - The Pole Witch Project!

This is an annual event we hold in the studio - essentially we put on a show and perform for our friends and family! 

Life is meant to have fun and not take life so seriously - and I will say - this Hallowe'en party was simply so much fun! 

Thank you to all our students and instructors who put their time and energy into this event - your performances were outstanding!

Our next event will be Saturday November 24th at West End Studio Theatre for our presentation of High Heels Nation! Doors open at 8 pm, show starts at 8:15 pm.

Hope you have an incredible week ahead and see you in the studio!


(ps.. if you are an instagram-lover like me.. and pretty much everyone at the studio.. you can check out our IG Stories of the event. Click on the link below and then click on Hallowe'en under Highlights)