Are you surviving or thriving?

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This is an image of myself and my children (Matthew in orange, Brendan in yellow) back in 2006. 

Whenever I see this pic, first I think to myself "damn those boys were cute!" 

And then I think "you were so unhappy." 

During this time, I was merely existing in life - went to work during the day, and then sit on the couch right. I had my line up of TV shows to watch, then pass out on the couch. My husband would wake me up and I would stagger to bed. 

Repeat for the next day and so on. 

I would tell myself "I am so exhausted, I earned this couch time."  There was literally no zest or spark. My motivation had flatlined and I simply felt old (I am 30 years old in this picture). Life was very boring. But for some reason.. I bought in to the idea that this is how life should be. 

You go to work. You come home. You sit on the couch. You go to bed. 

It took a friend to ask me to go to a pole dancing class with her.. in which I was deeply offended. You see, I was very closed minded and judgemental. It's amazing when I look back and see how judgy I was. I ended up saying yes, just to stop her from asking but I had the idea that I would cancel at the last minute. I already planned how I was going to not show up.

The day of the class arrived. I fed my boys, and sat on the couch. Ready to not show up. I had all the excuses in the world "I am tired." " I don't feel well." "It's been a crazy week." Oh the lies we tell ourselves in order to not follow through!

I called my friend to tell her that I would go another time, and she replied with "I knew you wouldn't follow through." Man I was pissed with her! How dare she say that! Doesn't she realize how busy I am! 

But let's be honest. At that time, I rarely followed through with anything. I was the Queen Of Cancellations and Excuses.  I ended up going to the class, just to prover her that she was wrong.

I finally got off the couch.

To this day, I look back on that moment and thank my friend for calling me out. That was when I started to see what it was like to thrive in life. I started to take bold steps and let myself take risks. 

So I ask you this.. are you making up excuses and lies to yourself, simply because you are feel comfortable on the couch? Wouldn't you rather thrive, than to merely survive?

The next time an opportunity or an invitation comes up, and your knee-jerk reaction it to pass it by.. I want you to think twice about turning it down. 

There are so many lies and excuses we tell  to hold ourselves back. To play small and coast through life.

"I'm too tired."

"I'm just not feeling well."

"I will go another time."

Please, choose to get off the couch and start to thrive.

Life is more fun, trust me.


Jane Wilson

Owner of PoleFit Nation 

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