How To Get Into The Best Shape In Your Life



Recently in class, we were talking about feeling fit and getting into shape. 

Many of our students feel they are in the best shape of their lives - which lead me to ask... how did you acquire this fit feeling? 

Here are their wise words:

"I found a workout that I liked, and looked forward to doing." 

"I was consistent - I didn't go for perfection - I worked towards consistency in doing my workouts." 

"I set a plan and didn't leave it up to chance. There will always be distractions - meetings, work, people - so I planned my workouts." 

"I play a game of "Do It Now" when I start procrastinating."

"I focus on how I feel after I workout. I always feel great afterwards, so I tell myself this as I am getting ready to workout." 

"I accept that my body is no longer 20 years old... so I am working at being my best, at the age that I am in now."

We are all on a journey to lead the best life we can, don't take your health and fitness for granted ~