What Do You Wear To A Pole Class?

Believe it or not, many of us were unsure about what to wear to a pole dancing class. When I signed up for my first class,  I actually thought we wore lingerie.. which created massive amounts of anxiety!  

As one of my students mentioned, "I was stressing out because I thought I had to wear those bootie shorts!"

Here are the answers to this most popular question :

When you start out in pole, you can wear yoga pants and a tank top.

Eventually you will move onto shorts that you are comfortable in. When you learn how to climb and invert, shorts are the safest route. 

Heels or no heels? 

This is a personal decision - some of us love heels while others love being barefoot. If you are new to heels, start with a low heel instead of a crazy platform, 4 inch stiletto - trust me! 

I dance in both barefoot and heels - depends on my mood!