Preparing For A Performance or Competition

Prepping For A Pole Show or Competition

I have a really important show coming up. It's a big one.  I am excited, nervous and ready to take the stage!

In December, I found out that Dita Von Teese is coming to Toronto and a burlesque show was being created in her honour. She would be performing as well.. which means, this show is going to be huge. I took a chance and contacted the show producers, and they were thrilled to invite me to join in. (I was so scared to put myself out there.. )

If you don't know who Dita Von Teese is.. allow me to introduce her to you

In 2007, when I started pole, there were no performance opportunities for pole dancers. Competitions were just starting out - it was very early in the development. It wasn't like how it is now with the wonderful pole performance opportunities.

I turned to the Burlesque community for a chance to perform. I had a strong desire to express my creativity and to be up on the stage.  The Burlesque world opened their arms to me, and this is where I learned how to command the stage and embrace their audience.

The more you perform, the better of a performer you will become. It takes time, practice, willingness to be critiqued and implementing what you learned. 

Preparation is key. I have learned this the hard way. You have to prepare.


I would like to share with you - three easy steps to prep for a competition or show.

Top Three Ways to Prep For Competition or Performance

1. Start Early

 When I have a show coming up, I start practicing months in advance. My performance piece is choreographed and completed a month prior to the event, so I can fine tune as the event approaches.

2. Don't Overtrain

There is nothing worse than going into a competition or performance with injuries. Most pole injuries are result of overuse. This is why, starting early is the key. You won't be training like crazy, as you lead up to the big event. 

3. Practice In Your Costume

I learned this lesson, the day my costume fell apart on stage. My costume designer and I didn't plan properly, and I received my costume on the day of my performance. Had I planned early enough, my costume would have been done on time. Pole performances are rough on costumes.. you gotta test them out ahead of time!

You may have noticed a trend in those tips.. starting early is the key to a successful performance.

Plan it out - beginning to end - to the day you start choreographing to the moment you finish your performance on the stage. 

Plan to be successful on the stage!