How To Invert

I'll never forget the first time I went upside. 
It was a move that I really wanted to achieve, a huge milestone for sure. (I honestly think we should have pole badges, like in Girl Guides, of when we achieve a milestone move!)

It took me 5 months to be able to go upside down. When I started pole, I had no upper body strength and hadn't worked out in a few years. I literally started at ground zero.

Therefore, my first invert... it wasn't pretty and I was toe grabbing. I believe my instructor, Erin, pushed my butt up the pole!

In time, I improved and perfected. 

I still work on my inverts everyday (ugh, my legs need to be straighter.. but that is my nit picking)

Here are two videos to help you with your inversions.

The first is how I teach inverts in my studio. 

The second is how I like to train my inverts.. a little game I like to play!

Be sure you do the pole crunches many times over, until you have improved your upper body strength.

Remember, no jumping! Inverts are not about momentum.. they are all about using your upper body.

When you are training, set time aside to practice your inverts. I like to do multiple inverts in a row as a way to build my stamina. And don't forget to work on your non-dominant side.. I know, I know.. it's not fun but it will make you better at pole!