Tips and Suggestions For A Successful Pole Photo Shoot

First pole pic (2007)

First pole pic (2007)

My very first photo shoot was in November 2007 and I was very nervous. It was the first time I had been photographed after taking a month of pole classes and I was feeling self conscious. Luckily, I worked with an excellent photographer who helped me feel at ease and comfortable.

When PoleFit Nation opened in 2008, I knew I wanted to allow for photo shoots in the studio, so students can have the same awesome experience. Since then, we have had 7 photo shoots in the studio. 

Here are our tips and suggestions on having a successful photo shoot!

 * Do not wear tight socks on the day of your photo-shoot! (I once wore tight socks, which left marks around my ankles, it was a nightmare for editing)

 *  Do not leave tight bracelets around your wrists (see above for reason)

 * Hire a professional make up artist (if you have trouble doing your own make up)

 *  Arrive early for your shoot (nothing worse than feeling rushed and frazzled for your shoot)

*  Eat light and healthy (a heavy pasta and red wine meal will show! Trust me...)

*  Sleep well the night before. ( They call it beauty sleep for a reason)

*  Limit alcohol prior to photo shoot (alcohol will dehydrate you and will show on your face)

* Look for solid colours for your outfit - stay away from intricate patterned clothing  ( colours that compliment your skin and style)

*  Consult with photographer on the colour of the back drop, so you can match your outfit (I once wore a black outfit against a black backdrop - D'oh!)

* Bring a playlist of music that inspires you (this will help you feel more comfortable and at ease)