Have You Lost Your Mojo?

I totally understand.

Life happens.

One minute, you feel like you are on top of the world - indestructible.  And the next minute, you feel so deflated. 

It has happened to all of us - a life change can throw anyone off. For myself, it was losing a parent, that brought me to my knees. 

The key is, getting back up and finding that magic which ignites you. Brings back the fire and puts a strut back into your step.

I asked my friends on Facebook, how they got their groove back.

Here are their responses:

You may notice, the bulk of their responses are about self care. Listening to your needs, and focussing on taking care of yourself. 

I agree with them -  the first step to getting your groove back, would be placing your need for self care at the top of the list.