How Pole Dancing Became A Part Of My Life



How Pole Dancing Became A Part of My Life

(or perhaps I should title this "How an early childhood educator, fell in love and became a pole dancer!)

2007, Me ( 40lbs overweight) and my boys - Matthew and Brendan)

My interest in pole dancing for fitness began when my children were very little.

Like many moms, I had a difficult time losing my baby weight - I had resigned myself to accept that my body had changed and perhaps the weight was here to stay.

At 31 years old, I no longer felt sexy and lost a zest for life. The belief that life was a struggle had taken hold and I was going through the motions. 

I took a pole dancing lesson - and I became intrigued. I'll never forget my first class - I was anxious, worried about what people would think and self conscious. By the end of the class, I had fallen in love and did not want the class to end.

Soon, I was taken more lessons and for Christmas, my husband purchased a pole for our home (I recall him being really excited about this Christmas gift!). Our home was quite small, so I had to set it up in the children's play area of our living room. When the boys were in bed, I would set up my pole and work on my moves.

Now fast forward to 2016, 8 years owning a studio, teaching classes and meeting wonderful students - competing in National competitions and performing in shows, I know there is so much of my knowledge and expertise that I would love to support other pole students around the world!

This is why PoleFit Nation has been created - as a way to support other people on their pole journey!

Thank you for being a part of PoleFit Nation - through our PFN challenges, Online Academy, Instagram or Facebook work.