Canadian Pole Fitness Championships 2015 - Winners in Master's Dvision and Mens' Division!

I am so happy to report that we had an amazing experience at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship - otherwise known as Nationals!

Many of you are aware that this has been a summer of training, leading up to representing Ontario in the Master's Division at Nationals in Mississauga.  A lot of time dedicated to perfecting and fine-tuning pole moves, were spent in the studio this summer. Challenging at times, but an overall wonderful journey.

Joining me on this training journey, was Chris Gismondi. He is a student from Alternative Fitness in Montreal, who was home in Oakville for the summer. He needed to train for the upcoming competition as well. 

Having a partner in training, really helps you stay on task - it's like having an accountability partner! 

I'm thrilled to report that I won Masters Division and Chris won the Mens Division!

Here are the videos from Canadian Pole Fitness Championships (courtesy of CPFA)