PFN Scope - Pole Fitness or Pole Dancing - What's the difference?

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Is it Pole Fitness or Pole Dancing? What is the difference?

Oh we are loving Periscope! This is a fantastic way to reach out and find like minded people. It's live broadcasting and I have found so many people who love pole dancing as much as I do! (Seriously, it is possible.. they are out there!)

Today we talked about the difference between Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing. 

Many times you will see these terms used interchangeably - but there is actually a difference!

With Pole Fitness - think of body conditioning, cardio, getting strong utilizing the pole. 

For Pole Dancing - think of choreography - linking spins, inverts and climbs together with music. Either with free dancing or set choreography. Yes, your body will receive conditioning and improve with fitness.

At PoleFit Nation, we use both Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing. We love both!! 



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(PS.. with Periscope, people will jump on your broadcast and ask questions/leaving comments. It's wonderfully interactive! I have found many people who have poles in their homes - love it!)