Bachelorette Pole Dance Parties at PoleFit Nation! A great way to party!

Oh it’s wedding season and we love hosting parties in the studio! Whether it’s pole dancing, chair cabaret dancing or learning a striptease routine- we love the excitement and fun which comes from Bachlorette parties.  This is where we shine!

When I receive a call to book a party, many times ladies will ask- “what happens at a party in your studio”.

Here is how I explain a party at PoleFit Nation

We customize our parties according to the group- from pole fitness to pole dancing, from chair cabaret dancing to learning a striptease routine- we can design the party to the comfort of the ladies. The instructor will lead the group from beginning to end, through the activities we’ve chosen to design your event. We keep everyone moving- we encourage participation- keeping the party fun and enjoyable for all!

Group photos are taken, and everyone receives a special loot bag (the value of the lootbag is awesome!)- the bride receives a sweet Bachelorette gift bag as well.

We like to help our party hosts as much as possible- we totally understand what it is like to coordinate a party, we appreciate the efforts of the host!

Here are some ideas on how to plan a bachelorette pole dance party!


Pick more than one date and time which work for the Bride. The bride is the most important lady, so finding the times that work for her are key.

 Contact the studio to see if the chosen dates/times are available. Try to plan ahead (however last minute parties are fantastic as well!)  – we do our best to have many opportunities for parties. The studio is available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for private parties.

3. Secure a date/time with a deposit

A deposit of $30 + HST is required to secure the timeslot. We understand the demands of the party hostess, so we make this as easy as possible. The deposit is non-refundable, however the party can always be rescheduled. If the party is cancelled, the deposit can then become a credit that the host can use in the studio towards classes.


4. Plan your party- the possibilities are endless!  This is my favourite part- deciding on the party theme. Here are some suggestions:

* Burlesque  – Love the movie “Burlesque”? Bring out the boas, play some “All That Jazz” and bring out the chairs!

* Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Add some tiaras, flashy jewelry (check out the party stores- they have great items!)

*  Stiletto Strut Party – Bring your sexy shoes and learn to strut in them!


 Encourage your ladies to arrive a few minutes early or on time.

Wanna know my trick to getting ladies on time to a party? If your party time is for example 1:00 pm.. tell them to be at the studio for 12:50 pm. They will arrive on time, and the party is ready to go! This also allows time for signing waiver forms.

Cameras and video are allowed!

This is a common question we are asked! “Can we take pictures?” Absolutely! We’ll even help you with poses!

 Get ready to have fun!

Having fun is our forte! We want you to have a good time- so we ensure the atmosphere is inviting- lively music, enthusiasm is present.

 Everyone receives a loot bag and bride receives a special gift

We keep our parties affordable – 1 hr is $249 + HST or 1.5 hrs at $349 + HST (regardless of the number of participants.. 11, 12, 15.. doesn’t matter! We don’t want you to turn your friends away to keep the costs down.. this is why we have a set party pricing and you can invite anyone you want!)

Hope this information helps in planning your Bachelorette’s party- we would love to assist you further! Simply contact us (905)844-7746 or and we will get the ball rolling for you!