What To Expect In A Pole Dancing Class

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a Pole Dancing for Fitness class? 

When talking about pole dancing for fitness, the most common question I receive is “what happens in a class?”. 

We are here to help you - this is what to expect:

1. Generally ladies wear yoga pants, shorts and a top. You wear what makes you feel comfortable to move around in.  As you move up the levels, and begin inverting, then shorts would be highly recommended.

2. Barefeet are encouraged- you want to be able to grip the floor, as socks make your steps slippery.   You can always bring dance shoes! 

3.  Expect a small class size- majority of studios are up to 9 ladies in a class. Small class sizes provide more one-one instruction.

4. Nervous? Unsure? Normal- that’s how 90 percent of the students feel at their first class. I did with my first class, I felt pleasantly surprised and ended up addicted (in a good way!).

5. The class is one hour, consisting of floor, mat and pole work. We will focus on toning abdominals, increasing upper body strength, and improving flexibility.. with the fun and flirtiness included! 

6. "I’m not strong! I have no upper body strength! I can’t do this!” I hear you! I wasn’t strong when I took my first class- the same for most women. The program is designed to help you get strong!

There are so many different ways of getting fit and healthy- trying something new, makes working out more interesting and keeps you on track towards your goals!

See you in the studio - talk to you soon!


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