To Compete Or Not Compete? That Is The Question!

This move took 2 years to achieve.. flat jade.. or as flat as my body will allow! Hooray!

This move took 2 years to achieve.. flat jade.. or as flat as my body will allow! Hooray!

The smell of Traumeel cream  follows me where ever I go. Its scent is permanently in the air. 

My body aches - hot epsom salt baths are my heaven. Bruises - aka Pole Kisses - cover my legs and right bicep, which perplexes me because I didn't think that forearm grip was intense enough to leave a mark!

Everyday, I am "running my routine" which is pole dancer phrase for endlessly doing your competition routine over and over again. When I am not practicing my routine, I am listening to my competition song - as I drive to the studio, wash dishes, walk my dog, clean the house - the song "Under Pressure" is playing in my earbuds. "Running my routine" in my head. My children know the song off my heart, thank heavens it's a great song!

This is a ticket to madness! 

I love every moment of it! 

There's a crew of pole dancers, who enjoy Pole Competitions and I believe I've become one of them. It's strange, because in the past, I was adamant that I would never compete. I wanted pole dancing to be for me, something I enjoyed for myself.

The thing is - I am a performer, love to push myself, enjoy training and use feedback as a way to improve. - the perfect combination for a pole competitor. God help me.

Competing is not for everyone. The prep work is gruelling, I'm not going to lie. In order to do well in a pole competition, you have to train harder than you have ever done before. Even on those days that you are just not feeling it, you have to dig deep and train some part of your performance. It's a different mindset from taking pole classes, the phrase "practice makes perfect" is the motto.

However, I love it - love the process of creating a performance, analyzing, perfecting it. I know when the competition date arrives, I will look back on this time and miss it. 

We are currently in the heart of pole competition season - Pole Sport Organization was May in Toronto, Verticalove - Great White North Pole Competition - was June 12 and 13th - Hamilton. Ontario Pole Fitness Championship are days away - June 20th in Hamilton. Canadian Pole Fitness Championships are in August - Mississauga. 

Witness a pole competition can be inspiring as these competitors have worked so hard to bring their best work to the stage. 

It is never an expectation for students to become pole competitors. The decision to go down this road, is simply individual. Using pole dancing as a hobby and a way to get in shape, is fantastic and always been our studio expectation. For most students, this is a workout experience - an avenue to be different, a way to manage stress and be a part of a community. 

Whatever your decision to be a part of pole dance - to workout, to be in a showcase, to compete - there is always support and encouragement.  We celebrate your success in the studio and on the pole! 

Happy poling!