Stuck in a pole funk? I've been there.

Are you in a pole funk?

As you are on this pole journey, something to realize is that there will be days when you are on fire - a superstar on the pole! 

Then there are days when you are in a funk - you feel frustrated, struggle and moves are tough. You have tears in your eyes and wonder why you are putting yourself through this!

I want to tell you, this is normal.

I remember learning to invert and thinking I would never achieve it and on the verge of quitting.  Please, if you are experiencing this, know that it's temporary.  It means you are close to a breakthrough.  

It took me two years to do the superman, to shoulder mount and to do an air invert. It took time, because my body needed the time to catch up to what I was imagining in my head!

Even to this day, I have great pole days.. and not so great pole days - a pole funk!

Here are three steps to navigate the pole funk:

1. Remember to have fun! Play, put on music and dance it out.

2. Rest. You can't be a superstar everyday.. your body needs to rest.

3. Explore - go onto Instagram, youtube, network with other pole students. This will help you become reinspired!

Embrace the pole funk, push past it! It always gets better!