How to stay safe and injury free

Wising you all the best with your pole journey. 
Here are some useful tips to keep your injury free:

a) Don't overpole! I know.. you love pole, I do too! It's addictive! But listen to me, you have space out your pole workouts and give your body time to recover. Poling everyday will increase your chances of injury.. add in rest so your body recovers.

b) Vary your pole practice - when you are working on your pole skills, make sure you have a well-rounded practice session. Work on spins, poses, strength holds and inverts. That way you get a full body workout.

c) Pole on both sides!! (ahem) Honest moment, I did not pole on both sides of my body for 2 years.. and I paid dearly for it!  I know it's not fun to work on your non-dominant side, but you gotta do it! If not, your arms will be uneven, your back will be feel it.. and most importantly, it will show in your pole routines! 

d) Remember, pole is a journey not a destination. Sometimes there are moves that our bodies are not yet ready for.. but in time, you will get them! It took me 3 years to do the superman - no joke!

Happy poling to you and take good care of your body!

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