Michelle Mynx Pole Dance Extravaganza St Louis 2015

Hello there, fellow pole dance lover! 

Last weekend, I had the honour of participating in one of the best Pole Dance showcases ever! 

Now, Pole Dance Showcases are opportunities for students and performers to take the stage and show off their pole skills. These are people who, during the day, are doctors, lawyers, dentist and in the evening, take pole classes as a way to get in shape.

Pole Dance Showcases were created to give these fabulous people the opportunity to live out their performance dreams. Absolutely loved watching people perform for the first time - I witnessed the excitement and hard work dedicated to creating their performances. 

My good friend, Michelle Mynx, a fellow pole performer and studio owner, created her Pole Dance Extravaganza 8 years ago. It started small, in a local club with a pole stage. Now it has grown to a theatre - professional with lighting, sound and a gorgeous pole!

I wanted to share with you the pics from the event as well as her performance. 

Take a moment and check it out!